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Community Sailing Program (CSP)

  • Access to club owned sailboats thru online reservation system

  • Low cost

  • Flying Scots, Sunfish, Optimist, Hobie 16 Catamaran

  • Eligibility to participate in club Race days

The Moraine Sailing Club CSP is designed to help members economically enjoy sailing and sailboat racing at Lake Arthur by providing access to club-owned sailboats. Members share the use of the boats, and pitch in a little time to help maintain the boats and equipment. Community work days are organized and led by club directors. The MSC CSP fleet consists of:
  • 5 Flying Scots on trailers
  • 1 Flying Scot at Davis Hollow Marina dock slip
  • 15 Sunfish on racks
  • 3 Hobie 16 Catamarans on dollies
  • 4 Optimist on racks
These are stored at Watt’s Bay unless stated otherwise. An automobile trailer hitch and towing ball will be needed for the Flying Scots on trailers.

How to qualify for CSP membership

  • Skillfully demonstrate all sailing skills covered in LTS
  • Accurate and careful rigging and de-rigging specific to class of boat
  • Participate in program orientation
  • Agree to the terms of CSP Rules of Operation
  • Be a registered member of MSC
  • Submit fees for CSP (do not submit fees until you have been qualified)
If you are new to the club and wish to become qualified for the CSP, join at the Basic Membership level first, but mention on the application form that you are interested in the Community Sailing Program. CSP members may qualify for any/all boat classes, or just one. If you need a refresher course on sailing or rigging skills, if you are unfamiliar with these classes of boats, or if you do not yet know how to sail, sign up for the Learn To Sail program. Graduates from LTS who join CSP during the same sailing season will be eligible for a discount in CSP fees for the remainder of that season.

For more information contact the CSP Program Director
Moraine Sailing Club