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Moraine Sailing Club Calendar of Events
2015 Calendar of Events

DateEvent   (click for details)
SAT Jan 17 Winterfest - Moraine State Park
SUN Feb 15 Intro to Sailing
SUN Mar 8 Cruising Skills
SUN Mar 15 Intro to Sailing
SAT Apr 18 Spring Barn Day 1
SAT Apr 25 Spring Barn Day 2
SUN May 3 CSP Work Day
SAT May 9 CSP Work Day
SUN May 17 Learn to Sail Day 1
SUN May 31 Learn to Sail Day 2
SUN Jun 7 Cruising Skills
SAT Jun 13 Learn to Sail Day 3
SUN Jun 14 Learn to Sail Day 4
SUN Jun 21 Summer Sailstice Event
SAT Jun 27 CSP Work Day
SUN Jun 28 Learn to Sail Day 5
MON Jun 29 - 3 Youth Sail Camp
SAT Jul 11 CSP Work Day
SUN Jul 12 Learn to Sail Day 6
SUN Jul 26 Learn to Sail Day 7
SUN Aug 9 Learn to Sail Day 8
SUN Aug 23 Learn to Sail Day 9
SUN Sep 13 Learn to Sail Day 10
SUN Sep 27 Cruising Skills
SAT Oct 17 Fall Barn Day 1
SAT Oct 24 Fall Barn Day 2

Early Spring Seminars
Each spring, the club presents one or more seminars on sailing and sailboat racing. The seminars are free and open to the public. Seminar subjects and speakers vary. Olympic racers and single-handed ocean crossers have been guest speakers. Accomplished club members have shared their insights and experiences. There have been videotapes, films, panel discussions, chalk talks and slide presentations, all designed to improve the knowledge and abilities of local sailors and to interest non-sailors in the sport. Usually held at Northland Library in the North Hills.

Preseason Social Events
The Spring Fling is a traditional social that is usually held after one of the seminars. The club has also hosted Pre-Launch Pot Luck Dinners. Both events provide opportunities for members to get acquainted and start to think sailing, even though snow may still be on the ground.

Summer Social Events
Several social sailing events are planned each summer. Among them are picnic days, gimmick races, raft-ups, and special events to which sailboarders and cruising boaters are invited. All of these events encourage members to sail together, learn from one another, and take pleasure in the company of fellow sailing enthusiasts.

Annual Meeting and Fall Banquet
At the end of the season, our members gather for an awards dinner where both serious and humorous trophies are presented and an annual business meeting is held. Officers and directors for the coming year are elected at this meeting.

Other Activities
The club also plans other special events and promotions from time to time. Information on these activities appears in Batten the Breeze, the club’s newsletter, which is normally published six times per year. The Breeze also presents race results, ads, opinion, and other information of interest to members.



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